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Cube Climate Controlled Storage
Edmond, OK


Oklahoma is notorious for wild temperature swings. Many items placed in traditional storage would be often better served in climate controlled units to prevent damage to these specific items. The cost is marginal to safeguard your valuables from these drastic temperature differences. We strongly suggest putting things such as: Musical instruments, Leather furniture, Artwork, Photos, Electronics, Wine and other such items in one of our climate controlled units. We offer a wide variety of sizes to meet whatever climate controlled storages you may need. Many customers now elect to only use climate controlled units to ensure their items will not be subjected to drastic temperatures. Also, it is much easier to spend time in your unit in a temperature controlled unit.

Our climate controlled units are recorded by high resolution security cameras. We seek to ensure our climate controlled units are clean and offer our customers easy access. The climate controlled units can be accessed 24/7 365 days a year.

We have found that many of our climate controlled units are rented by business owners wishing to store materials, records and other business needs inside these units. Cube storage is conveniently located in the emerging areas of Deer Creek, Edmond and NW OKC area. Within a few miles of the turnpike surrounded by nice neighborhoods allowed us to bring our facility into your backyard for convenience. Cube Storage is situated on approximately 6 acres and close to 500 units ensuring whatever storage need you have we can seek to accommodate it.

We offer 2 buildings dedicated to climate control. Keep your valuables away from Oklahoma’s extreme temperatures.

We offer a wide variety of these units.

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